Stilwell design

A remodeling company devoted to home transformation powered by your inspiration.

Improve the functional area of your home with a redesigning project from Stilwell design. With years of knowledge remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, and performing enhancements to home interiors and exteriors, our team can provide you a more comfortable, exciting area to live.

What We Are About 

Sometimes it can’t be helped; you pick a home to live with, and you liked the vicinity; however, there are some flaws to the house. Sometimes home is designed in a specific decade, and after the trends have come and gone, it feels like its stuck in time.

Beautiful houses require exceptional thinking. Our purpose is to help people visualize, create & maintain lovely homes. Stilwell design brings you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels, and new design trends. We are here to turn inspired thoughts into beautiful homes. Stilwell’s design is here to guide you via the renovation process personally and with superb care. Stilwell design is here to show you just how flawless something developed from your dreams can be.

We’ve spent more than 15 years developing people and procedures that seamlessly combine custom design solutions, expert project management, and professional craftsmanship—which means that you should expect nothing short of pure excellence from us. Because we’re here to make the one place in the world that’s yours. Your home.

Stilwell design is a company that has been established as a design and build specialist, offering architectural plan services and bespoke constructing solutions. We offer all kinds of services under one roof from your initial feasibility stages to your completed build’s furnishing. Our designs and creativity merge to develop a piece of art of the space we work with. Our unique and bespoke ideas and designs make the coldest of rooms into warm, comfy living and working spaces, bringing fun proportions and functionality to your home or work area. We create an inspirational relationship between the indoors and the exterior, searching for serenity, contemplation, and a feel of well-being.

Our Philosophy

We have the duty of taking the customer via the complete process; we keep customer’s hands all the way and making certain that their requirement is met. We do not request anything from the customer apart from their requirements and opinions on what we propose. We deal with all the communication with third parties. We are keeping the customer stress free and content to deal with their everyday tasks.

What Is the Range Of Services Offered?

It varies, however typically consists of the development of design options, working out the final floor design with notes and specifications, a custom electrical plan, cupboard elevations, room isometrics, and door/window/appliance finish schedules are available as desired.

We can make bedroom upgrades, redecorate entryways and stairs, and set up custom finish carpentry like hearth mantles, wainscoting, and coffered ceilings. Your dreams solely limit our redesigning services. If you have a customized renovation venture and want to know if we can take care of it, give us a call