Do you desire your home to have a whole new look

Do you desire your home to have a whole new look? Or are you switching to smart sockets and automated fixtures? JH Contracting, your Stilwell Remodel and construction has answers to all your remodelling needs. Building a house isn’t just a matter of designs, construction materials and labour. This process is associated with the emotions and dreams of our clients. Remodelling your home is a big job, and discovering a contractor you can trust is the first step.

JH Contracting based out of Stilwell, Oklahoma, is an excellent choice if you are thinking of remodelling your house. At JH Contracting, we specialize in Home Remodel and Construction. Through the years of experience and training, we have learned how to remodel bathrooms, kitchens and even entire homes. Furthermore, we have learned how to refinish your old floors and install metal roofs and additions. So for JH Contracting, your Stilwell Remodel and construction pros, no job is too big or small.

stilwell remodel and construction

We offer a complete variety of in-house services to help you accomplish your goals. We work with you to create a successful project from the initial design through completion of the project.

We deliver our Creativity, Knowledge, Service, & Craftsmanship to every single project. Just the right elements to turn your vision into reality. Our attention to detail will see your project through to successful completion. We guide through every phase of the process from developing the designs to applying the perfect, finishing touches.

At JH contracting we offer

  • Rewiring your electricity for new fixtures.
  • Redesigning room layouts and building on current floor plans.
  • Installing flooring, fixtures, and wainscoting.
  • Ensuring your remodelled rooms are up to code.

We at JH contracting Stilwell remodel, and construction build homes with passion and professionalism to ensure the actual value of money and time our clients spend.

We have been in business for 15 years and pride ourselves on quality and trust. JH Contracting have been turning the visions of clients into reality. At JH Contracting, we believe in the Golden Rule and apply it to all of our daily actions. We at JH Contracting are here to provide answers to all your problems right away.

Calling an expert remodeler is always safer than making the adjustments yourselves. Not only do contractors have the equipment and certifications for major projects, doing your wiring is dangerous. More extensive DIY remodelling can additionally invalidate your home insurance. So whether you’re renovating a space to make it more functional or simply more beautiful, you can always count on JH Contracting.

Meet the Owner

The story of JH contracting started with when James Grab was only ten years old, and he started helping his father work the family construction business. James has learned skills beyond his years, for instance; James was framing walls at ten years old, and wiring houses as a helper at 15 years old. James has gone through a lot since those times, but with this knowledge, James, at the age of 16, has started his own family business, JH Contracting. With a great vision in his mind, JH contracting, Stilwell remodel and construction promises to provide

“Quality Construction. Honest Service. Great Value”.